When you came to this website you were looking for change. Change in you, change in your situation, change in your business climate, or change for your future.

LIA understands change from the inside out. Why it's a potential problem and how to overcome it, how habits can be your greatest strength or your greatest weakness, and why change should be a positive force for the rest of your life.

Take that leap and make LIA your agent of change!


Our Goal

Our goal is to help businesses develop and improve leadership performance and team building proficiency through informative training seminars, as well as professional consultation, for all organizations.

Leadership is about relationships and our practical approach to training can help grow your employees and organization through hands on, interactive courses.

Organizational Loyalty

True leaders send consistent, positive messages throughout the organization.

Employee Retention

With national figures showing the loss of an employee costing the organization between $8,000 - $20,000, it is critical to develop the leadership necessary to retain your best and brightest.

Customer Service

Your organization is in the people business and it’s leadership that understands the relationship building necessary for excellence in customer service.


When you’re in competition for the best and the brightest, an efficient and energized work place is what will draw them and retain them.

Problem Solving

Real leaders teach problem solving to everyone in the organization.

Organizational Excellence

To maintain the highest standards, LIA teaches organizations to understand the concept of continuous improvement.


Our program culminates in a 30 day action plan that requires active participation and practice of leadership skills and behaviors. Participants become versed in behaviors that promote excellence, develop conflict resolution skills, and learn to promote healthy relationships.


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