Ian Gregory and Karen Gregory have over 40+ years of education and experience in leadership.  They are known to be interactive, enjoyable, passionate, committed and engaging.  They bring different perspectives to the table, but share the same passion:  to teach effective leadership that results in individual and organizational growth.


Ian Gregory

Ian Gregory


Ian’s background in the fire service has allowed him to learn leadership at the highest level. He has over 25 years of coaching soccer, currently at the college level, and his teams have won championships at every level.

Karen Gregory

Karen Gregory


Karen’s background comes from small business ownership, fire/health care administration, banking and real estate.  Karen has received awards for her work in leadership and business.  Karen’s education is in business administration.


Leadership In Action has allowed Swedish American to provide our front-line supervisors with the necessary tools to successfully transition into leadership roles and sustain their focus on key leadership behaviors by providing an assessment tool and structure for group coaching, participants are able to more effectively process feedback and create meaningful action plans. I recommend using Leadership In Action if you are looking to provide leaders with effective leadership skills necessary for change to take place while maintaining high levels of employee motivation.

Antoinette Thompson

Director of Employee & Organizational Development, Swedish American Health System

What an excellent class! It was informative, helpful, insightful, and one of the best classes I have taken in 23 years. Class content cut right to the bone on many subjects and was accepted by one of our major skeptics! This should be a class taught to every officer and wannabe officer.

Fred Hiort

Assistant Chief, Stillman Fire Protection District

I have been a manager for 20+ years and this is the best leadership training I have been to. It provided me an opportunity to reflect and grow.

JoAnne Bonavia

Operations Manager, Swedish American Health System