360º Assessment of Your Company's Leadership Practices Book a Session

LIA has a unique way of awakening a passion, a confidence, and a spirit of growth.  We inspire an attitude of excellence.  This comes from revealing an inner awareness of who the participant is and where the participant wants and needs to go.

The combination of a 360 assessment and feedback reveals a candid look into how the participant is perceived by peers, subordinates and supervisors, and the impact that has on the workplace, your customers, clients and the public.  This feedback is cited as being the most valuable aspect of the leadership training experience and provides the basis for the critical step of self awareness.

Being aware of our strengths and weaknesses lays the foundation for the final step of our program:  completing personal and professional action plans to begin putting to work the knowledge that is gained from the program resulting in positive growth for both the individual and organization.


of organizations have taken the time to define their unique leadership requirements.


of organizations have implemented solutions for targeted development for all leader levels.


of organizations recognize the critical importance of defining leadership requirements.