Customized Leadership Training Program


Two Full Days of Leadership Training for Your Group


360º Assessment


A Full Assessment of Your Leadership Skills


Confident Leadership Training


Geared Towards Self-Improvement


Personal Mentoring


A Personal Touch for Developing Leadership Skills


Leadership for Lifesavers


Providing Fire Teams with Leadership Skills and Tools


Resilient & Ready


The Power of a Plan for First Repsonders


Family Emergency Prepardness


Prepare to Respond to Emergency Situations


HIPAA/HITECH Online Training Program


HIPAA/HITECH Program And Test Customized For Your Organization


Harassment Online Training Program


A Harassment Program And Test Customized For Your Organization


Leadership In Action delivers a powerful, practical, and results-driven courses that will positively impact employees from all levels of your organization.

Leadership In Action separates themselves from other leadership training organizations by:

  • Assessing the needs of your organization and designing the program to meet those specific needs
  • Providing a 360 Assessment
  • Participants create personal and professional action plans
  • Supplying a one year plan for continued leadership development


There is a return on investment when you choose to grow your people through leadership development. Investing in leadership development should always be a priority. The status of our economy today may change tomorrow. What doesn’t change is the need for leadership development. Budgets are constantly being altered to meet organizational needs. Confirm to your employees their value and the value you place in your organization by investing in their growth. Your positive benefits (or The results) are staying one step ahead of the competition and building a strong team of loyal employees. Studies show that employees will leave an organization for less than $1.00 per hour more on the paycheck. Don’t take the chance of losing your most valuable employees. Show them how important they are through continued professional improvement.