Developing Leadership Techniques

Leadership in Action has build a course focusing on providing emergency services teams with the leadership skills and tools needed in the first responder environment.  Our program focuses on building  action plans and goals.

During a response to a catastrophic event, communities look to their first responders as a source of hope and security. As the first people on the scene, these services get the community back on the path to recovery. However, as community members themselves with families and homes, our first responders are just as vulnerable to disasters as everyone else. It is critical that responders prepare themselves and their families for the effects of a disaster so when duty calls they will be able to rise to the occasion and perform their duties with peace of mind. A prepared first responder makes families, fire departments, and communities stronger.

We designed this program to educate the firefighters and emergency workers on the types of emergencies that can happen at home when they are away so they can prepare their families

The Resilient & Ready program walks through steps emergency personnel can take to prepare families and homes, like setting up a tiered phone tree to make sure kids are picked up, having a meeting place if a tornado or fire should affect their home, how to turn off water or gas lines and items to include in vehicle or basement emergency kits.

If they’re not focused on the dangers we’re dealing with, they could make poor tactical or strategic decisions. We’re dealing with dangerous things like power lines down, entry into a burning building. We have to give 110 percent at scene. We have things we need to focus on. Our community relies on us to be committed on scene or someone can get hurt or there can be more property loss. Having a plan in place at home relieves some of the stress so we can do what we need to do.

Brian Kunce

Cheif, Blackhawk Fire Protection District