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  • Ian Gregory

PRIDE - Starting the New Year Right

It's 2012 and I wanted to start the year by saying something important to those of you in a leadership role. Thank You!

Thank You for taking on a role that is at times thankless, aggravating, stressful and consuming. Thank You for being strong enough to work every day for the goals of the organization and the team even when they may sometimes conflict with your own goals. Most importantly, Thank You for caring enough to take care of and grow people and teams that on some days can drive you straight up the wall.

You see, not everyone can do what you do, because proper leadership is for the strong, not for the faint of heart. So start the new year out right and take a little credit for yourself for taking on this most demanding of jobs.

And take pride in what you do. Some of you are involved in emergency work, be proud of that. Some of you are involved with caring for and healing others, be proud of that. Some of you are involved in making products that keep us safe and make our everyday lives easier, be proud of that.

All of you are involved in dealing with people, motivating them, growing them, teaching them to be problem solvers and helping them to reach their goals and even dreams. Be very proud of that!

Also, don't forget to remind your personnel that they should be proud of who they are and what they do as well. Everyone has a need (yes, a need) to know that they, and what they do, are important. It has meaning when your boss tells you that they are glad that you are on their team and considers what you do to be vital to the goals of the organization and the team. So take a few minutes and spend it with each individual that is on your team and tell them the pride you feel for what you and they accomplish together.

Finally, on that note, please allow Karen and I to offer you something to help you get off on the right note for 2012. If you have a boss that you feel has done a good job or has made a difference in your life, send us their name and email address and we will send them a personal note to let them know that their contributions are not unnoticed and that they are making a difference in the world.

By all means, send your own note of thanks to your boss, but imagine how you would feel if someone outside of your organization, especially someone who knows the true value of good leadership, as we do, sent you a letter telling you that you're making enough of a difference that you're being spoken of positively and with pride by the people that you work so hard for.

Woo Hoo, who wouldn't love to get something like that? So there's the offer, just email us at info@liatraining.comand include any pertinent information you deem important and we will do our best to make your boss's day, week or even year. Take care, do your best and be proud of yourself, who you are and what you do.


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