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Organizational Loyalty

It’s vital to company culture and retention that your leaders send consistent, positive messages throughout their teams and the organization.


We speak your language.


Employee Retention

National figures show that the loss of one employee can end up costing an organization around 1.5 times their annual salary due to new onboarding and a reduction in overall team performance and cohesion. This makes developing leadership critical to retain your best and brightest.

Customer Loyalty

Your organization is in the people business and the goal is customer loyalty. Understanding the necessity of relationship building is at the root of creating excellence. Great customer service doesn’t just mean pleasing the buyer, it means creating loyalty internally as well. Relationship building is equally important internally and externally.


When you’re in competition for the best and the brightest, a challenging, efficient and energized workplace will draw them in and keep them invested.

Problem Solving

Real leaders don’t just solve problems, they teach problem solving – at every level of the organization.

Organizational Excellence

To maintain the highest standards, LIA teaches organizations to understand the concept of continuous improvement and how to apply it.

Practical Application

Our program culminates in an action plan that requires active participation and practice of leadership skills and behaviors. Participants apply what they’ve learned – behaviors and skills that promote excellence, develop conflict resolution skills, and promote healthy team and customer relationships.