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  • Karen Gregory


It’s been a great summer! In regards to employer/employee satisfaction it’s been a strange summer. Let me explain. We do leadership training. We go into organizations and help develop not just their leaders, but employees who aspire to leadership. Employees who have shown themselves to be high potentials. We are in constant contact with people who have a vested interest in developing themselves or developing their employees. It is an understatement to say that we believe a commitment to developing yourself will result in improved relationships with those you work for, those who work for you, and the customers you serve. We have seen this happen year after year after year after... In this leadership development world we live in we gain a sense of accomplishment and pride when we see the determination of people trying to be better today than they were yesterday and better tomorrow than they were today. We also find a sense of frustration when we hear of leaders that are just the opposite. As I write this month’s newsletter I can honestly say that a minimum of 6 people have reached out to me over this summer to express their dissatisfaction with their current employers. Wow! These are just the people brave enough to say something. And they are looking to make a move. This tells me we still have much to do at LIA. There are people who still need to invest in themselves. Employee turnover, in the majority of cases, can be linked back to leadership and is just one of the reasons you need leadership training. Employee turnover is expensive, not just monetarily but productively as well. As you begin this fourth quarter 2015, now is the perfect time to take a “time out” and reflect on where you are, your department, your employees, your organization (whatever applies here) and make not just a decision of where you want to be with your employees, but a plan of how to get there. Make sure your plan details what your training needs are and who could benefit from that training. Don’t forget to commit to a timeline of when you want this training accomplished. All too often we know what we should do but put it off, and while you’re putting it off what you don’t know is you have dissatisfied employees out searching for a new opportunity. Give us a call and we would be happy to work through the process with you. We will help you put together a training program that focuses on the needs of your organization and show you how investing in yourself and your team does result in a cost savings to your organization.


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